Golf Simulators are Revolutionizing the Way We Learn & Play Golf

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Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world, and golf simulators provide a unique and exciting way for golfers to enjoy their favorite sport. At 19th Hole Golf Simulators, we provide the ultimate golf simulator options, designed to give you the most realistic golf experience possible.

Our golf simulators are designed to give you the most realistic golf experience possible. It’s easy to set up and use, and the intuitive user interface makes it accessible for golfers of all skill levels. With our simulator, you can enjoy a realistic golf experience from the comfort of your own home. If you’re interested in a golf home simulator or a golf simulator for your residential or office space, reach out to our team today.

State-of the-Art Golf Simulators

Additionally, our simulators feature a variety of game modes, so you can challenge yourself or compete against friends. You can even practice specific golf skills, such as putting or chipping or participate in tournaments and competitions.

Our advanced golf simulators use multiple sensors to accurately track your golf swing and provide detailed feedback on your performance. The simulator also features a realistic 3D environment, with accurate terrain and vegetation, as well as photorealistic visuals. You can even customize the environment to match your favorite golf course or create an entirely new one.

golf simulators

Golf Simulator Features

19th Hole’s state-of-the-art golf simulators can deliver unprecedented insight into every aspect of your game performance and can help to improve any golfer’s game. Some of our features include:

  • Club Path
  • Angle of Attack
  • Face Angle
  • Ball Speed
  • Club Speed
  • Spin Rate
  • Practice, Challenge, and Competition modes
  • Slow motion recording of the club making an impact with the golf ball
  • Over 150,000 worldwide courses to play

Launch Monitors

At 19th Hole, we offer three high-quality launch monitors to bring your simulator experience to life. Our monitors allow players to track the performance of their shots and make adjustments to their swing to maximize accuracy and distance. Launch monitors measure the launch angle, ball speed, spin rate, carry distance, and total distance of each shot, providing invaluable data for players to analyze and use to improve their game. From our original monitor to our brand-new and improved monitor, we offer well-suited options for every player.

Original Framework

Golfers of any skill level can benefit from razor-sharp accuracy and unmatched speed at a reasonable price. The original overhead launch monitor that started it all features dual high-speed camera technology for quick and accurate data points to aid in skill development and game improvement.

Better Framework

For enthusiastic golfers looking to improve their skills and level up their game, this launch monitor provides more data points. It uses two high-speed cameras to record every aspect of your swing and features unmatched non-marked ball technology and flexibility for right- and left-handed golfers.

Best Framework

With the addition of a third High-Speed Infrared Camera to capture a wider range with any ball of the player’s choice, our new monitor improves on its already industry-leading specifications. It also includes a larger hitting zone and the option to add an all-terrain hitting mat with a rough and bunker that replicates real on-course conditions allowing for seamless and entertaining practice.


19th Hole Golf Simulators provides a completely immersive golf experience in the comfort of your home for your friends, family and colleagues. Play all your favorite courses world wide or host a tournament with your buddies next door. The 19th Hole also provides access to tournaments to all its customers to play in all year long. You can have 5 golfers playing at the same time, profiles for each player keeping track of handicaps and scores. Some examples of courses you will be able to play are Augusta National, TPC Sawgrass and Pebble Beach.

2. improve

19th Hole Golf Simulators not only provides fun for the entire family but also gives you access to industry leading technology and club / ball data in order to practice with a purpose. Never again will you have to rush around trying to squeeze in a little range time after work or on the weekends. You will have a state of the art launch monitor at your fingertips and can practice on your time. Whether you play 9 holes, do a short game complex or work on getting a few extra yards with your driver. It will be done in the comfort of your home with perfect weather, no pressure from people watching and giving you the ability to practice the aspects that make your scores drop quickly.

3. Exercise

The physical aspect of golf is typically over looked by most golfers. Not swinging a golf club on a regular basis makes it very hard to perform and play your best when you get out on the course. Not only will you be able to practice with a purpose and have fun with the entire family on your simulator, you will keep your body in shape by swinging on a more frequent basis. Your body will be able to play a full 18 holes without feeling tired on the 12th or 13th hole. The more repetition you have with your golf swing the better golf you will play time and time again.

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