Ready for a Real Life Golfing Experience in your Living Room?!

Introducing the TruGolf MAX – a screen this size demands 4k

Total Reality: The TruGolf MAX 4k is the show-stopper you have been waiting for. 4k definition makes this the most immersive and fulfilling indoor golf experience on the market. Durable enough for commercial usage and dressy enough for the most luxurious home, the TruGolf MAX 4k has to be seen to be believed.

Great Golf, Easy: Each TruGolf MAX is sold standard with APOGEE. This Launch Monitor helps you play great golf by showing you the point of impact after every shot – helping you get better with every swing.

Country Club Approved: You deserve a setup worth showing off, The TruGolf MAX comes in eye-catching Dawn Patrol Navy, or Camo. The high-quality fabric is durable, light blocking and stylish.

One Stop Shop: The TruGolf MAX 4k includes everything you need to get started. Each component is designed to maximize perfomance, from the high-quality fabric exterior, durable hitting mat, and high-speed gaming PC.

Custom Golf Simulator

These indoor custom golf simulators can be designed for luxury-residential applications to high volume commercial usage – without compromising accuracy or quality. We have been designing and installing golf simulator around the world for 20 years, with unmatched commitment to quality at a fair price

Tell us what matters most- and we’ll build to spec. You will review all the details to make sure you are getting exactly what you want, without overpaying.

Our team will work with you, your contractor, and your sub-contractors to make sure every detail is in order.

Once your space has been approved by you, your contractor, and our intallation Supervisor, we’re on our way to install, calibrate, and train you on your TruGolf Custom Simulator.

Now you’re set. Work on your game in the most immersive and state-of-the-art indoor golf simulator

Introducing the next generation of E6 CONNECT, powered by the latest advancements in visual effects. Our team is leveraging the latest technology to bring you the game like you’ve never seen it before. We have spent years refining the experience to provide the most realistic physics and high-fidelity visuals on the market.

E6 CONNECT is more than its immersive gameplay – it’s the ultimate tool to drive your business. This sophisticated software suite includes native League Management, Business Intelligence and Integrated Reservation Services. Contact us today to learn more about how E6 is the best-in-class golf and business software solution.

-Intuitive User Interface: E6 offers an unparalleled user experience with easy to navigate Menus and Player Profiles.

-Customizable Game Play: E6 is the most flexible software on the market. Users have complete control over Environment, Gameplay and Settings.

-Practice, Course Play and Mini Games: Get access to Practice, Course Play or Mini Game Modules. Whether you are looking to go low or grow the game, E6 has content for everyone.

-Player Statistic Tracking: E6 CONNECT offers you a rich second screen experience with This website includes Digital Scorecards, Round Statistics and Advanced Analytics. PORTAL will track every shot and every round you play in E6 CONNECT.

-Commercial and Residential Settings: E6 offers tools for Commercial and Residential Customers. Change your settings to tailor the experience perfectly for your use case.


Transform Your Golf Simulator

MultiSport ARCADE is an innovative sports simulator that brings world-class sports arcade games directly into your home. Experience a new degree of interactive gaming and unlock more fun with your golf simulator

What’s Included

Interactive Sports Camera

8 MultiSport Games
– MultiSport Games
– Adjustable Difficulty Level
– Voice Activation

E6 Product Launcher
-PC Security
-Automated Updates


Intel i3 Processor
8GB Ram
Nvidia 1070
Windows 10
Internet Connection
Equipment Sold Separately

Ready to Bring Home the Game You Love?

Discover true-to-life golf simulation that fits your space, budget, and lifestyle.